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FREE OF CHARGE 1 pack of Seasoning bags Reto&Oskar of your choice with herbs and flowers from the Swiss Alps in the value of EUR 5,95.

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3 bottles Coral Calcium + D3 Vegi-Capsules 1000mg of 120 pcs / 360 pcs

3 bottles Coral Calcium + D3 Vegi-Capsules 1000mg of 120...

instead 88,50 EUR
only 79,50 EUR

0,22 EUR per capsule
2 bottles Astaxanthin 4 mg of 90 capsules / 180 pcs.

2 bottles Astaxanthin 4 mg of 90 capsules / 180 pcs.

instead 69,80 EUR
only 59,90 EUR

0,33 EUR per capsule
5 bottles NKO Krill Oil of 90 capsules / 450 pcs.

5 bottles NKO Krill Oil of 90 capsules / 450 pcs.

instead 247,50 EUR
only 199,50 EUR

0,44 EUR per capsule
Did you know?
NKO® Neptune Krill Oil is a very special substance from nature, which is processed for you from small crabs, which live in the crystal clear and icy waters of the Antarctic. This particular substance is so processed, that you can comfortably and valuably accomplish your daily diet.

Easy to use by practical capsules
The oil of these small marine animals is a nature's perfect recipe. You can incorporate the capsules which contain this unique composition very easily in a convenient way in your daily diet.

The secret of NKO® Neptune Krill Oil
NKO® Neptune Krill Oil contains a natural source of Omega 3-fatty acids and the carotenoid Astaxanthin, known as one of the strongest antioxidants. Antioxidants, which include for example Vitamin C, bind so called free radicals in your body, which may damage the cells.

Beneficial quantity discount and free seasoning bags
This special preparation NKO® Neptune Krill Oil can be ordered in different order quantities. One bottle contains 90 capsules, if you order more bottles as a package, then drops the price per line item for you. The special bonus: In addition to your order you get free of charge one pack of Seasoning bags Reto&Oskar in thenvalue of 5,95 € with herbs and flowers from the Swiss Alps. Simply select during the order process between "Stews", "Pasta & Rice" or "Vegetable & Meat".
  The amazing Krill - Euphausia superba. The "superb" krill is a multicellular species with the greatest accumulation (biomass) on our Earth. According to the WHO accounts the estimated annual number of reproducing krill in the Southern Ocean and northern Pacific to approx.. 500 milion tons. The annual catch quota counts max. 0,03% of the estimated number of krill.

The preservation of these species is thus secured and krill oil may be considered as ECOSAFE.


Derived from the tiny Arctic krill, this nutrient-rich oil shows according to the latest studies positive effects on:
- Joint pain relieves and - inflammation
- Cartillage damage
- high cholesterol- and blood lipid values
- Allergies
- Menstrual symptoms (PMS)

According to the study of Mrs. Dr.M.D.Ph.D. Tina Sampalis has Neptune Krill Oil an amazingly high value of the antioxidant effect, which is 300 times higher than Vitamin A or E, the well known among the best free radical scavenger.