Super Vitamin D3

Super Vitamin D3
Super Vitamin D3, high dosage, drops, 20 ml, vegan
The sunvitamin in optimal recipe & vegan - 1000 I.U. per drop

St. Helia's Super vitamin D3 drops are unique.
The drops facilitate the ingestion. A single drop provides you 1.000 I.U. (I.U. = international units) (25 µg) = 500 % of the daily recommended amount of the
important vitamin D3. An excellent price-/performance ration.

Vitamin D3 is oil-soluble and is therefore in a vegetable oil base, which offers the following additional benefits:
  • the natural essential spice plant oils support the rapid absorption of vitamin D3
  • the palm kernel oil contains the complete vitamin E family including tocotrienol
  •  the sanddorn fruit oil provides you with additional high quality carotenoids
  •  sanddorn fruit oil contains about 20 times more carotene than sanddorn oil and is one of the most valuable oils. Compared to conventional products, which often contain only the single substance beta-carotene, St. Helia guarantees the natural variety
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