Super Vitamin K2

Super Vitamin K2
Super Vitamin K2, drops, 20 ml, vegan
Promotes healthy bones and supports blood coagulation

St. Helia's Super Vitamin K2 drops contain the bioactive vitamin menaquinone
(MK 7)

Vitamin K2 is fat soluble. Such vitamins should be given in a valuable oil, so that it can be absorbed and utilized optimally by the body.

Menaquinone (or also: menachinone) is formed in a healthy human by the bacteria in the intestinal flora. Due to industrialized food and a generally unbalanced lifestyle, the intestinal flora has become out of balance for many people today. This can lead to a limited production of vitamin K2. Deficiency symptoms have an unfavorable effect on bone formation and blood clotting. Individual studies suggest a link with arteriosclerosis (vascular calcification), cardiovascular disease and increased mortality. Until now, only the positive impact on bone health and blood coagulation has been confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Especially important for women:
The St. Helia Supervitamin K2 drops in combination with Supervitamin D3
It is recommended to take Supervitamin K2 in combination with the also liquid St Helia Supervitamin D3 for women who are advancing the menopause. Studies suggest that the synergy of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 could reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

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